Cartier Award

An Indian environmental engineer has won this year’s prestigious ‘Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards’ here for providing women working on farms with water management solutions and protecting small farmers against droughts and flash floods. Trupti Jain, 46, was one among the six winners chosen for the Asia-Pacific laureate from a pool of nearly 1,900 applicants from over 120 countries and were selected by an independent international jury.

Each recipient receives a USD 100,000 prize money as well as a year of mentoring. Jain, an Indian government employee for two decades in the rural development, has worked for women farmers whose work frequently go unrecognised. “I didn’t expect it, but I am so proud of what my team has achieved and I am happy I was so determined to reach my goal,” Jain said. “I hope to use the prize money to scale up the business as well as create a certification programme for women, so their skills and indigenous knowledge will be recognised,” she was quoted as saying by ‘The Straits Times’.

Jain started Naireeta Services in 2013, providing handmade water management solutions that enable small farmers to filter and store rainwater underground to protect them against droughts and flash floods. Her Gujarat-based company has already implemented 232 systems in India, directly benefiting 18,000 small farmers and indirectly helping more than 100,000 of the rural poor.

Jain was presented the award on Wednesday at a function held at the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. It was the first time the awards ceremony was held outside France since it began in 2006 to supports women entrepreneurs around the world who want to kick-start their business. “We recognise the gender gap that still exists today and, for us, the awards are a chance to recognise and reward the work of women entrepreneurs who have created businesses that are real drivers of change in their communities,” said Cyrille Vigneron, chief executive Cartier International.

Five other winners, representing Latin America, North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa, were also honored at the awards ceremony.

Source: Five other winners, representing Latin America, North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa, were also honoured at the awards ceremony.

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Socio-Economic Impact of the Bhungroo Project

The Bhungroo project has had some major social and economic impacts since its implementation in the rural areas of India. One of its major impacts has been on migration. Since its implementation, it has enabled poor farmers to regain their land and so far helped free more than 6100 poor farmers from yearly migration to the cities. Bhungroo has also helped in providing food security and sustainability to the livelihoods of more than 20,000 farmers in India. It has also aided in income generation as there has been a substantial increase in the yearly family income of beneficiary farmers from USD 210 to USD 700. To know more about the Bhungroo water project, visit the website of Naireeta Services at

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The vision behind Bhungroo Water Management System

Naireeta Services has a gender centric approach and the vision to free 20 million women farmers from extreme poverty and food insecurity by concentrated promotion of Bhungroo along with a cooperative agriculture process in the drainage affected areas of the world. As of now 535 ultra-poor families, headed by women have received direct benefit from crop sales using Bhungroo water management system. Naireeta Services has erected 241 Bhungroos across India and also helped women climate leaders to replicate Bhungroo technology and produce more than 2000 units so far within Gujarat. Through the implementation of Bhungroo, Naireeta Services aim to provide value and recognition to the role of women in agro and irrigation based activities. To know more, visit the website at

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Rain Water Conservation project for drought affected areas in India

Bhungroo, a Gujarati colloquial, means straw or hollow pipe. Bhungroo is a Rain Water Management System developed by Naireeta Services Pvt. Ltd. that injects and stores excessive rainwater underground in reservoirs and lifts it out for use during dry spells. India is a country where droughts are a serious concern for small and medium farmers and the country is plagued by numerous suicide cases of farmers in the rural areas. The Bhungroo water conservation system tries to address this problem by guaranteeing productivity to more than 25 acres of land each year. Bhungroo needs relatively low capital investment once in a life time and it guarantees high agricultural output and soil fertility for the next 30 years. To know more about Bhungroo, go to the website of Naireeta Services at

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Naireeta Services PVT LTD – Empowering women across India

Naireeta Services Pvt. Ltd is a social enterprise which has developed the Bhungroo Rain Water Management System to help small farmers with irrigation problems in India. As part of the initiative, Nareeta Services train women to run Bhungroo units where in a group of five ultra-poor women farmers are selected to jointly own the Bhungroo technology. This has helped in empowering these women by freeing them from debt, helped them in gaining land ownership and also enabled them to participate in local governance as a result of their expertise and influence in agriculture and water. To know more about this initiative, please visit the website of Nareeta Services at

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